Domestic and Office Cleaning Training

On the job courses: (Domestic / Office cleaning) Courses are carried out over a 3 day period: 2 days on the job and 1 day in house.

Course covers the following areas:

  • Cleaning and communication skills Laundry Washing dishes – loading dishwashers. Using a washing machine.
  • How to clean a bathroom and kitchen. How to hand wash delicates.
  • How to polish/clean different types of furniture, what polish to use and where.
  • Using a tumble dryer. Reading the temperature dial.
  • Attention to detail. Reading care labels.
  • Changing and bed making. How to peg washing.
  • Using a vacuum cleaner. Ironing Reading product labels. Folding and putting clothes away.

In the event that we have not covered an area you wish to address with your operative(s), ask us. The main aim of the training is to show the trainee the skills required in general cleaning.
At the end of this course should you wish your operative(s) to receive additional training in any specific area, ask a member of staff who will arrange additional training for you.

Cost Per Trainee

  • The cost of the above: R1800:00 ( per operative) – Food & refreshments will be provided on all courses.
  • All domestic and office courses are on the job training with one of our own operatives for 2 days and 1 day in the office with the manager of Alpha Clean ( Michelle) to cover communication skills when talking to an employer, answering the telephone, time keeping and whatever area in which you feel they are lacking.

How to book your operative(s) on any of the courses:

Simply send us an email , you will then be sent an invoice for the balance due. Once payment is honoured, your operative will be registered on our course. It really is as simple as that!. No fuss, No mess! We are dedicated to helping others.

Important note: Registering your operative(s) on the course does not automatically guarantee a pass – part of the training process is to evaluate the suitability- ability- aptitude- attitude – communication skills and English, also addressing any confidence issues of each operative and get them ready for work. Our courses have 4 operatives per course, enabling us to work closely with each individual.

We will work closely with your operative(s) to get the best possible result, Guaranteed!