Alpha Clean Rates and Schedules

  • Alpha Clean charges by the job… not the hour. (We stay until the job is completed.)
  • We have fully trained staff varying from: Full time – Part time – casual and temporary staff.
  • We can step in and help you with your cleaning should your regular cleaner be absent from work for whatsoever reason – this can be done within 24 hour notice. (Terms and conditions apply)

We offer flexible cleaning schedules: As many cleans as you would like:

  • Daily
  • Weekly. (Twice weekly) on the days that suit you
  • Fortnightly
  • 3 weekly
  • Monthly

You decide when you want a clean… not us!

  • We also clean windows inside and outside… ( Out: ground floor only.) Windows quoted separately.
  • The day the quotation is carried out you will state all that needs to be cleaned. Should you decide that you require more areas/items cleaned once the clean commences, we may include a surcharge for any extra work done beyond the schedule worked out with the client.
  • You will be informed of this surcharge before we commence with any extra cleaning.

Assessment / Initials:

An initial clean may be carried out before the clean commences. This depends on the condition of the areas to be cleaned, and the schedule.
We offer a re-clean service for clients that are not happy with their clean; we do not offer refunds… One re-clean is offered and the client must be present during the re-clean, as they need to sign the job off as completed to their satisfaction.