Bed bugs

1) Not two people’s bedbug bites will look the same

2) Bedbugs peak feeding time is between 2am – 5am  but they will feed during the day too they are attracted to the carbon dioxide we exhale.

3)  You do not have to throw away your belongings if you have bedbugs, heat is the number one killer of a bedbug, you can dry steam clean , deep heat . If your clothes have been in an infested room, simply put them into a tumble dryer for about  half an hour on temperature 120 degrees.

Bed bugs do not just reside in our beds they can be in the skirting boards, behind picture frames etc.  If you have a major infestation like this do not try to clean up yourself you will need a professional to fumigate.  Do not use a fogger or bug bomb even if it claims it can be used for bedbugs. All it will do is scatter them throughout your home and even probably pass them to the neighbours if you live in an apartment or linked house.